Home Inspectors in the Greater Grand Forks Area!



Here is a list of all the home inspectors registered in North Dakota that perform home inspections in the Greater Grand Forks area. I have some thoughts to offer but the inspector you choose is strictly up to you.

There is a complete list at www.nd.gov/sos or call the ND Secretary of State at (800)-352-0867, ext: 82900


Timothy Brown: National Property Inspections

Phone: (218) 791-7150

Email: timbrown@npidakmin.com


3589 Norkota Ct, Grand Forks, ND 58201

Ryan Dietz A-Team Inspections

Phone: (701) 793-2531

Email: rdietz@a-teaminspections.com


5054 Woodhaven St, Fargo ND 58104

Dean Foell: Tri State Inspections

Phone (701) 297-0254

Email: foelld@cableone.net


1109 71st Ave S, Fargo ND 58104

Wayne Foell: Tri State Inspections

Phone (701) 799-9150

Email: wayne@tristateinspect.com


1109 71st Ave S, Fargo ND 58104

Randy Iverson: In-depth Home Inspections

Phone: (701) 739-5154

Email: randy.iverson@wsn.us.com

1600 Central Ave NE, E. Grand Forks MN 56721

Robert Kramer: Home Sweet Home Inspections

Phone: (218) 779-2288

Email: hshinspections@hotmail.com


506 32nd Ave S, Grand Forks ND 58201

Cody Lewis: Pillar to Post Home Inspections

Phone: (701) 526-1460

Email: cody.lewis@pillartopost.com


1813 32nd Ave S #B, Fargo ND 58103

Brandon Lyczewski: Pillar To Post Home Inspections

Phone: (218) 280-2311

Email: lewisteam@pillartopost.com


1813 32nd Ave S #B, Fargo ND 58103

Rick Parsons: North Star Works

Phone: (218)-791-4101

Email: northstarworks@msn.com


500 Garrison Ave W, Larimore ND 58251

Thomas Porath: Medallion Home Inspections

Phone: (701) 220-4540

Email: tom@medallionhomeinspections.com


1179 168th Ave NE, Buxton ND 58218

Dave Sumner: Pillar to Post Home Inspections

Phone: (218) 201-HOME [4663]

Email: dave.sumner@pillartopost.com


Casey Zimmerman: North Country Home Inspection

Phone: (701) 741-2075

Email: casey@northcountryhomeinspection.com


I suggest:

1) Ask them about their experience and credibility

2) Are they bonded and how they deal with any items of note that they may miss in the inspection

3) Interview potential inspectors about availability that fits the time line requirements of your contract

4) Ask about price and not only the general inspection but for details like; air quality testing, and radon testing

5) Ask them what the format of their report will be and what it entails

6) How and when do they expect to be paid

7) Confirm when the inspector would like to meet with you about the results: Discuss being there for all of the inspection or at the end

8) Once you have selected an inspector coordinate the actual inspection time of the property with me.

Note: There may be other home inspectors out there. There are other professionals you may also want to consider as the situation dictates; furnace inspectors, electrical inspectors, even in some rare cases structural engineers, etc.