Keys to a Safer Showing Health Survey


Safer Showing Health Survey related to coronavirus

Offered by Jerry Waletzko, Crary Real Estate, 701-746 -4663, 

Please answer to the best of your abilities. 

Remember: Whoever is answering these questions as the Seller, Buyer, or showing REALTOR means you are speaking with one voice for everybody in your respective household referred collectively as I/me. I.e., if you check the box to take temperature, everybody in the household will have their temperatures taken as stated below.

Date _____

1. Do you have a cough? Y N

2. Have lost or do you feel you are losing your sense of smell? Y N

3. Are you experiencing any unusual or severe headaches? Y N

4. Are you experiencing any weakness? Y N

5. Are you experiencing diarrhea? Y N

6. Are you experiencing muscle pain? Y N

7. Are you experiencing shortness of breath? Y N

8. Are you experiencing abdominal pain? Y N

9. Do you have a fever? Y N

10.Do you have any rashes? Y N

11.Do you have any skin sores? Y N

12.Do you have a sore throat? Y N

13.Do you have any bruises or bleeding? Y N

14.Are you experiencing any joint pain? Y N

15.Do you have red eye? Y N

16.Are you vomiting? Y N

Share this with your showing REALTOR or possibly the listing REALTOR if that is who is going to also show you the home.