I can send you my list of over 170 area references.


A number of those folks have repeated the buying and selling process with me; eighteen families have each done two transactions, five families have each done three transactions, three families have each done four transactions, four families have each done five transactions, and one has done eight transactions … so far!

I am especially proud that I have been able to help three generations from two different families.

It's gratifying that 9 former Realtors or their families asked me to help buy or sell their homes.

The following are a number of notes and cards clients were kind enough to sent me over the years:


1. “Thank you for all your help on the closing for ---.  I certainly enjoyed working with you and your sellers.  Everything went so smooth.  Thanks again,”   L

2. “Thanks for all your hard work to sell our house and try to find us a new one.  You went way above the ‘Call of Duty’.  Thanks again,”  S and H

3. “We want to say thank you for all your help in finding us a home.  We fully appreciate and trust all your hard work.  Buying a house is a stressful moment, but your professionalism, knowledge, and sense of humor always put us at ease.”  C and C

4. “We can’t thank you enough for all you went through for us.  We all appreciate what you did to get --- sold for us.  We know you went the extra mile—or two!  Thank you,”  M, M, T, J, T, and B

5. “Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and for welcoming us to Grand Forks.  We truly appreciate the time you spent showing us homes and the community.  Thanks again!”  J and H

6. “Thanks for taking care of the electrical problem at ---.  It is so much fun working with you.  I hope we have more deals in the future.”  P

7. “. . . also want to express my appreciation for your assistance in making my first-time home buying such a pleasant experience.”  S

8. “Thanks for keeping such good contacts with us.  We sure do appreciate it.”  D and S

9. “Thank you for your help selling the folks’ house and all the extra kindness you showed us.”  E and R

10.  “Again, thank you, not only for the gift certificate, but for all you help, support, and encouragement through the whole thing.  You’ve been very good to us and we hope we can return the favor by passing any new people on to you for selling and buying houses.  We really appreciate you!”  L and J

11.  “Thank you so much for your efforts in the sale of my house.  You gave me good advice all around and certainly obtained a better price than I thought likely.  I really appreciated you integrity and professionalism.  Thanks also for the good humor with which you took the grief I gave you.  Sincerely,”   S

12.  “Thanks for all you’ve done to help us with this Congressional housing project.  Your help was invaluable to us, and we really do appreciate it.”  M

13.  “We so appreciate all your help during our rush to find a home.  Couldn’t have gotten into a place without you.  Many thanks,”  J and B

14.  “A belated thank you note for all you did for us during our house hunting/buying/selling period.  You spent many hours showing us houses and we much appreciated it.  And also thanks for taking the time to explain the selling /buying process to us.  You made it much clearer and we had 0 surprises at the end.”  G, K, and N

15.  “A special thanks for your ongoing support, true blue friendliness, and a lot of hard work regarding our new home.”  T and D

16.  “Thank you so much for representing me in my first purchase of a home!  I couldn’t have made it through these last weeks without your help!”  T

17.  “Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in helping us to get our first home.  If it wasn’t for you and your excellent negotiating skills, we would not be enjoying this beautiful house.  Thanks again for all your honesty and flexibility.  We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a top-rate realtor.  Thanks again!”  K and A

18.  “Thanks for the use of your power washer.  I always appreciate your expertise and knowledge in Real Estate.  Our family will also never forget ‘Santa’ coming to our house.”  D, B, and G

19.  “Thank you kindly for all the work and many hours you put in to sell ---.  As far as I am concerned, you did a fantastic job covering every problem and keeping us posted on all aspects, in a friendly and cheerful manner.”  P

20.  “We appreciate all the hard work and ‘hours’ you put in for us.  We look forward to working with you again.”  B and S

21.  “Just wanted to say thank you very much for helping us find the perfect home for our family.  We truly appreciate all of the help you have given us in the past few weeks.  And thank you for your patience with us and all of our questions.  Thanks again.  We know who we will recommend to friends if they are looking to buy or sell in the Grand Forks area.”  J, M, M, and B

22.  “Thank you for all your efforts on the sale of ---.  It is always a pleasure to work on deals with you!  Thanks again,”  S

23.  “Thanks one more time for all your efforts in selling ---.  I truly enjoy working with a professional like yourself.  Sincerely,”  J

24.  “Thanks again for all your hard work.  We really appreciate everything you did.”  P

25.  “I appreciate all the work and encouragement you have given us over the years.  I will certainly recommend you and your agency to anyone heading that direction.  Again, thanks for the hard work Jerry.  Sincerely,”  M

26.  “Thank you so much for helping us to find the perfect house!  We love it so much and we could not have done it without you!  We really do appreciate all you did for us.”  M

27.  “We are so grateful for everything you did to help keep up/fix up our house these last few months!  You have been so generous giving over and above what we expected!”  K, P, J, H, and L

28.  “Thank you for the sale of my property.”  O

29.  “Thanks Jerry for all your hard work.  We really appreciate it.”  P and A

30.  “I want to extend a sincere thanks to your very professional efforts on our behalf.  I have sent a thank-you note to the Aerospace Dept. at UND and informed them of your outstanding service.  Not only did we appreciate your Real Estate knowledge, but your knowledge of the community, both past and present, was most valuable.  Again our thanks for a job well done.”  J and V 

31.  “Thanks for taking the time to make a presentation to our staff.  Several people commented that it was very informational and fun.  Your in-depth knowledge of you topic is evident.  Thanks again!”  RRVCA

32.  “Thank you for all the care in relating the disclosure details to me for the buyers.  I do appreciate it, and know that the buyers will be more comfortable in having this information.”  M

33.  “Recently I did an inspection at a property that you had listed.  I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the time and effort you put into your little notes throughout the house.  If I was listing a property in Grand Forks, I would list with you because you clearly go out of you way for the sellers.”  T

34.  “Thanks for all the help and assistance in buying and selling the house on   ---.  We really appreciate it.”  P and T

35.  “Thank you for all your help in selling our house.”  K and D

36.  “We just wanted to thank you for helping us find a home we enjoy.  Your effort and ambition are truly appreciated.”  R and B 

37.  “I also want you to know I appreciated your services in the sale of our house.  I thought we worked well together and . . .  Thank you again for everything you’ve done.”  R and M

38. “Thank you so much for all of your help in purchasing our first home. Your experience was very appreciated & you were so accommodating.” C and D

39. “Thanks, Jerry. You are the best.” R A

40. Thanks much for everything.

 If I buy again in the future, I'll look you up.  D H

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